Originating from the vibrant city of Caracas, Venezuela, Gabriela Ortiz has made her artistic home in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC for the past two decades. Within her studio, she meticulously designs and crafts jewelry, drawing inspiration from her deep-rooted love for the beach and the mesmerizing nights spent gazing at the stars.

Intrigued by the beauty of her beachside experiences, Gabriela has woven the essence of those moments into her brand. Each piece she creates reflects the tranquility of sandy shores and the allure of starlit skies, capturing the essence of her cherished memories.

Gabriela's creative process is a harmonious dance of diverse techniques, including metal smithing, wax carving, and recycling. Every piece is an expression of her hands-on approach, as she shapes and refines each creation with care. Collaborating with local manufacturers in NYC for every collection, she ensures that her jewelry embodies not only her personal touch but also the dynamic spirit of the city.

Fueling her passion is the desire to craft wearable art that is not only contemporary and enduring but also conveys a message of love. Gabriela envisions each piece as a daily companion, enhancing strength and beauty for those who wear them, becoming timeless symbols of connection and individuality.

Embracing the philosophy that every creation should be as unique as the hands that craft it, Gabriela celebrates the handmade nature of her jewelry. Her hands, which she considers her most precious gifts, are the instruments through which she breathes life into each piece.

In the jewelry of Gabriela Ortiz, you'll find a fusion of artistic expression, a tribute to the beauty of nature, and a commitment to creating pieces that resonate with love, strength, and enduring beauty, encapsulating the essence of her beachside inspirations.


Gabriela Jewelry flourishes with a distinct purpose – to craft everyday elegance through intricate pieces designed for those who embrace sophisticated aesthetics. Each creation is a meticulous reflection of Gabriela's commitment to this vision.

At the core of Gabriela Jewelry's ethos is a dedication to conscientious craftsmanship. Gabriela herself intricately shapes each piece, infusing her work with a personal touch that resonates with a sense of refined beauty. With a focus on sustainable practices, she utilizes recycled metals and conflict-free stones, ensuring that every creation is not only a work of art but also a testament to responsible sourcing.

Gabriela's commitment extends beyond the aesthetics of her designs; it encompasses a deep responsibility to the environment and ethical practices. Constantly evolving, she strives for the most sustainable and responsible methods in her work. This dedication ensures that customers can wear a Gabriela Jewelry piece with confidence, knowing that it embodies not only timeless elegance but also a commitment to ethical and eco-friendly principles.

Choosing a Gabriela Jewelry piece isn't just about embracing elegance; it's about aligning with a brand that values sustainability, craftsmanship, and the belief that every piece should be a symbol of conscientious beauty. Each creation tells a story not only of timeless sophistication but also of a commitment to a more responsible and sustainable future.

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