trending dainty gold jewelry

Trending Dainty Gold Jewelry


One of the most popular jewelry trends at the moment is dainty gold jewelry. Subtle, dainty jewelry is the perfect accent to any look; it adds subtle sparkle while remaining chic and understated. And dainty jewelry is versatile, as it is great worn on its own or when used to layer pieces. To celebrate this trend, here’s a list of our favorite trending dainty gold jewelry pieces.

Gold Delicate Gem Stone Necklace


This on-trend and oh-so elegant necklace is delicately beautiful. Here, a thin 14k gold tiny charm is accented with a 1mm glittering diamond, which add subtle sparkle to the chic design. The dainty charm is affixed to a gold 16″ long cable chain, This piece is beautiful on its own or when worn as a part of a layered stack of necklaces.


Delicate Seashell and Pearl Chain Bracelet

This whimsical and sweet design is perfect for everyday wear. The featured element of this adorable bracelet it is a solid 14k gold seashell, which is accompanied, with a few seed pearls, giving the style an xtra sweetness. The seashell is securely attached to a slim 14k yellow gold cable chain bracelet, with fastens securely with a lobster clasp. Available in 5″, 6″ and 7″ long.

Gold Stacking Ring with Gem Stone

 You can’t talk about stacking rings without the basics — I love our Estrella Collection stacking rings for stacking on every finger (and maybe even above the knuckle for a midi ring). Made with 10K and 14K solid gold and sterling silver, these rings are available in different sizes with a diamond and the gem stone of your choice (if you need a special size, don’t hesitate to contact me). Which metal is your favorite for stacking?

Dainty Gold Stud Earrings with Gem Stones

 When in doubt wear a pair of delicate earrings because you can never go wrong with these pieces, We all love our delicates so much because they look amazing and simply feel right on the ear. In addition, as a result, you can have only one pair and never having the need to take it off because it goes with anything. Yes, I am talking about the classic all times favorite studs with a diamond or a gem stone in the middle.

Well I think I gave you some great ideas here! if you like what I put together for you, navigate through our website and check our beautiful collections!

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